Describe me in three words. I can only publish, not respond.


At least we know who he belongs to in this tournament.

#if found please return to tessa virtue

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someone nominate valentina for the ice bucket challenge because maybe she’s like the wicked witch of the west and will disintegrate after making contact with water

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why watch sports when you can light yourself on fire and get the same feeling

*has two finals on same day*

me: studies for morning test intensely

*afternoon test is a multiple choice “irrelevant” subject*

me: ready to randomly pick answers like


"On the women’s side almost all the competition could be summed up in just two words: VIKTORIA KOMOVA."


1080x960 scrolling wallpapers for Android phones.

these are great! do you plan on making any of these for iphones?

I have two finals tomorrow. And one on Friday. Then i can binge watch yog videos \^_^/

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Top 5 AA Qualifying Scores, Singapore 2010:
Komova 61.000
Tan 58.100
Ferlito 55.750
Bulimar 54.700
Moonen 54.250

Top 5 AA Qualifying Scores, Nanjing 2014:
Tutkhalyan 53.650
Downie 53.500
Jurca 53.250
Wang 53.200
Abdelaziz 53.150