Raise your hand if you’ve felt personally victimized by ACL injury

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» Rodionenko talks about Euros and the injured veterans



Who do you think the ones competing for the last spot are?

I guess Kramarenko and Paseka, I can’t think of anyone else right now. Nabs would have been an option but idk if she decided to return to elite/competition.

I’m glad they’re not putting a lot of pressure on Aliya as the ‘sole medal contender’ 

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Viktoria Komova, RUS


Kristina Dynina (x)
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Anastasia - “resurrection


favorite routines: Larisa Iordache

vault: 2013 worlds AA 2013 euros EF glasgow 2013

also here’s Larisa training an amanar

bars: 2010 nationals 2011 gym festival friendly meet 2012 2012 romanian friendly meet podium training swiss cup 2013 2014 match avoine

beam: 2007 unknown meet 2008 youth cup 2009 top gym 2009 romanian nationals 2011 EYOF gym festival 2011 2012 olympics TF  Doha 2013 2013 massilia cup

floor: 2008 top gym 2009 romanian nationals 2010 jr euros quals 2012 friendly meet FRA vs ROM 2012 2012 euros quals anadia 2013 2013 worlds AA


30 Day Gymternet Challenge

Day 21 Moment that Made You Cry →

Elena Zamolodchikova’s disappointment in Sydney

30 Day Gymternet Challenge

Day 7 Favourite Beam Routine →

Lilia Podkopayeva 1995 Worlds Event Final

Deng Linlin 2012 Olympics Event Final